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Show your support of our most vulnerable citizens today!

CALMRA is dedicated to providing meaningful lives to persons with cognitive disabilities - Join us today!

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Imagine living in a place where you are vulnerable and have no choice, no voice, no meaning.

At CALMRA, we provide community homes, Senior day services and other supports for individuals with cognitive disabilities where their spiritual, emotional, social needs can be met; where individual choices are encouraged and honored; where maximum functioning is maintained with stimulating programs and therapies; where the voice of someone with limited verbal communication is heard – Where individuals with cognitive disabilities - our most vulnerable - have a CHOICE, a VOICE and a MEANINGFUL LIFE!

The achievement of this takes time, commitment, and money. It requires a growing dues-paying membership. It requires dedicated members of the Board of Directors to support, guide, and evaluate staff and programs. It requires professional advisors to help, as needed, with their legal, medical, fiscal, insurance, real estate, fund-raising expertise. And, inevitably, it depends on contributions to supplement the State support. These contributions are used exclusively for the benefit of the most vulnerable members of the community.